…Wish I was a Bowler

Skee-Lo had a good thing going with his song ‘I Wish’. I do wish I was a little bit taller, I DO wish I was a baller bowlingballer? bowler. I may be crap at bowling but I have thoroughly enjoyed the All Star Lanes experience (with a focus on the Brick Lane branch for this blog)

The first time I ever bowled, I was 16 and in Paris on a trip with my college. I was no good then. I went bowling a few more times in the recent years but to the All Star Lanes in Holborn and Westfield Stratford. Practice did not make me perfect.


For a friend’s birthday, she had booked a table at All Star Lanes Brick Lane for about 20+ of us in the evening (personally, I am in no way this popular) and then an evening slot of bowling. I LOVED this place!

1. The Atmosphere
2. The Food
3. The People

The atmosphere at the Brick Lane branch in comparison to the Holborn was great. We were checked in by a fabulous host that led us to the bar while they prepared our table. The waiting staff were helpful and really thorough – there was a bit of a wait but we didn’t order food until everyone arrived. Until then it was just about appreciating the red wine. I was worried about feeling socially awkward because technically I didn’t know anyone else within my friend’s social circle but food and drink unites people. For a bowling alley the food and drink is really damn good!

I was starving because of the social tradition of not eating before you’re going to a party because you know you’ll eat there. I went big, I ordered a starter AND a main – the Popcorn Squid with the Steak and Chips – both plates were wiped clean which I found amusing considering the small portions those bigger than me were having. I clearly went to play more than just the bowling game.

SIDENOTE: I enjoyed the food so much that I went a few weeks later to the Westfield Stratford venue with a friend to eat and drink before a basketball game- but more on that for another blog.


Then on to the bowling which was in the penthouse because there were so many of us – I was really crap but I was beyond caring. I find one negative aspect is always payment. Not that you have to pay, but how establishments go about with their payment methods. If you are in the penthouse, you HAVE to have a tab. So if you’re splitting the bill you have to wait until the end etc. For some people this was an issue and they went to the downstairs bar to buy drinks and then come back up. I was fine with paying my share downstairs after because I could tally up my spend but it was annoying that there was no till in the penthouse so you had to pay it downstairs.

Afterwards, we went down and continued our drinks. There was a DJ playing some really good tracks, me being me I got up to dance with the birthday girl – some of the staff even joined us. We were there from 6.30pm – we didn’t leave until closing.

If you want to go on a date, throw a party or just catch up with friends All Star Lanes in Brick Lane is perfect and it’s not even hipstery which is always a double plus for me.



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