Flight Club – Social Darts

What happens in Flight Club, stays in Flight Club. I’m pretty sure these were Brad Pitt’s exact words in the film Fight Club about people going head to head in a game of darts. Oh wait – that didn’t happen. But do expect the misquote to be said constantly when you do go.

Went with colleagues at work so it’s a great way to work out any rivalries (ha).

There’s a bar upstairs but the action happens on the lower level. There are several dart boards set up in their own area that’s hooked up to a system where it registers your points. They say you can have up to 20 players but becareful about dragging the session out.

It’s best to prebook as it’s quite popular and you even get drinks service to your oche. 

You have the choice of different games. My favourite was where you were assigned a number to repeatedly hit and once you hit it 3 times you get the chance to elimate your competitors. I shrieked a lot during this one. I’m not usually the competitive type when it comes to sport but occasionally a fire will stir up inside me.

If you’re stuck for ideas in terms of organising a group activity whether it’s a party or a general get together, this is a great place to go.


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