My Walk to Greenwich Park, SE10

I’m not sure what overcame me when I decided to walk from New Cross to The Royal Observatory and then back. I had just come back from my driving lesson and had the sudden urge to accomplish something else today after having a great lesson.

Greenwich Park is something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time after moving to South London. I’ve seen all those great pics and wanted a piece of that action.

Once you get to Greenwich High Street, I’d recommend you visit the Cutty Sark first. There are loads of tourists there so you’ll get stuck behind slow walkers. But it’s there are some great restaurants surrounding it which makes it a great lunch spot. I was tempted by the Nando’s but I soldiered on wanting to get my step count up.

If you walk east along the riverbank you’ll find yourself amongst beautiful buildings that include the University of Greenwich. I loved the domed roofs especially because it reminded me of Berlin.

I got some really good shots. If you are going for photography or want peace I wouldn’t recommend a Sunday afternoon when I went – there were a lot of people that it became a hassle at some points.

Now across the road is the actual Greenwich Park. You have the National Maritime Museum there if you want have a full day of it but I walked right by after possibly photobombing a few pictures. Then there’s the Queen’s House which may not be the main attraction but I fell in love with the set of stairs at the front.

I mean c’mon – you can’t help but envision a wedding reception taking place here or some kind of party where I strut down a red carpet. I just googled it and you can hire it out as a venue. Be sure to invite me!

My goal was to get to the Royal Observatory. From far you can see how popular it is with crowds at the top enjoying the view. If you don’t like walking on steep hills, then you won’t appreciate the walk up. That with the hassle of tourists makes you wonder why you’re even there.

When I got to the top, I’m not going to lie, I felt some inner peace.

I wasn’t having a great week. I’ll admit that. People climb mountains for emotional journey, I climbed a hill… and it helped. Living in the city can be stressful. You have to learn to take care of yourself, I’m trying to and this was one way for me.

Go for a walk, you never know where you may end up.





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