Sushi Zento – Muswell Hill, N10

If you ever want to treat me to food, feel free to treat me to sushi. I’m used to buying the occasional sushi lunch from Wasabi or Itsu. They’re decent places though sometimes overpriced. What I love more is an independent Japanese restaurant with a variety of food so I can try something that I haven’t before.

My friend and I made the plan to watch a Ice Hockey game at Alexandra Palace but would meet for some grub beforehand in Muswell Hill (a ten minute walk from the venue) located in North London. After searching Trip Advisor for a great sushi place nearby we found Sushi Zento.

It was a Sunday afternoon so it was a calm atmosphere where you get great quality service and food!

Usually I opt for the bento box because of the price and the range of food you get. This time I thought I’d be different.

I went for the Yakatori (grilled skewered chicken – £4.50) and the Rainbow Roll (with salmon, tuna, squid, prawn, tomago, crabstick, avocado, cucumber, tobiko – £10.90). My friend went for a bento box which range from £9.50 – £16.00 (though most are priced at £9.50). With our drinks, the bill came to £20 each.
It’s probably the angle but the bento box was HUGE. If I get to visit again I know what my next choice would be.

Coming up from South London meant that it was a bit of a trek for me. But If you’ve got easy access to Muswell Hill, it’s a great place to go to catch up with some friends or even get takeaway and enjoy some sushi on the sofa with netflix (which is one of my favourite ways to destress from work).


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