PLAY: Stegosaurus – Etcetera Theatre, Camden 

I’m trying to become more cultured and one way is to support the arts and attend a play so a friend suggested we go watch Stegosaurus – a play about eating disorders, the relationship with food and body image.


A great one woman show – and I’m not even talking about my (lack of) love life this time.

I’m not the most qualified to write reviews of plays because I’m new on to the scene but I enjoyed the acting, the writing and even the use of lighting. Elpida Stathatou projects a deeply troubled character (that I related to occasionally so I should check that out). The storyline was touching and made you think about those suffering from an eating disorder on a deeper level than what you may make assumptions about.

I’ve never been to a play with only one actor before so I didn’t know what to expect. Sitcoms always rip into them. I was preparing myself for some ‘Vagina Monologues’ type thing which I also would have enjoyed.

In terms of venue, this was the first time I had been to both the Oxford Arms and the Etcetera Theatre located within it. It’s a fairly small theatre but I liked that it was in an intimate setting. Though, I did wish there was better sound proofing.

After the show is over, you can always pop downstairs for a drink and continue the fun.


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