Ice Hockey at Ally Pally

I’ll tell you this now, I’m not an avid follower of sport. I hated PE unless we used the dance mats,  climbed the frames or got out of it because I was on my period and had a forged note. However, this year I’m so far being active in trying new things. I saw somewhere on Time Out that Groupon were doing 4 quid tickets to an Ice Hockey game  of Slough v Haringey at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink.


Great, I thought. I can tick off Ice Hockey and Ally Pally (I also ticked off Sushi in Muswell Hill). For £4, I can say I got a really good deal because even though they may not have been in the pro leagues, I was entertained.


Haringey won by 5-1 which was awkward for us because we were supporting Slough to represent the westside. I’m not sure if the deal is still available but I’d recommend the experience for anyone looking to do something different. Sadly there was practically a torrential downpour the day that I went and I had no umbrella during my walk up Ally Pally (safe to say it’ll take me a while to get of the trauma of the rain).

I don’t know anything about Ice Hockey but I would watch another game.



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