Moving Out

So I made the big move from the outskirts of West London to the Southeast… of London. If you’ve ever had to make that journey by any mode of transport you’ll get that it’s a trek. London being the expensive city that it is, I know that financially it would make sense to stay in the family home, save money, put down a deposit on my own place etc, etc. EXCEPT that it’s now 2017 and most millenials are not at the same phase their baby-booming parents were at when they were our age. 

Saving for a deposit was the plan, but being single myself and already on a meh-income meant that I was working two jobs (sometimes it took up all 7 days of my week) and exhausting myself for a future mortgage I probably wouldn’t attain. Get one with parents? I come from a single-parent family, so again it would not be straight forward. All the work and no play just became an unpleasant bubble. I was 22 and really not enjoying life. I quit my second job, decided I was fed up of the Zone 5 commute, found a 2 bed flat to rent with a friend in SE London.

YOLO is a laughable phase often interchangeable with ‘Treat yo’self’ and I guess that’s the reasoning behind why I made the move.  I wanted to truly live my twenties in what I think is an amazing city. Of course once you go from paying a heavily discounted rent to your mum to an extortionate amount that is basically half you’re monthly wage, it’s not truly treating yourself but more like ‘build character’ – something I learnt on Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ is used to try put crappy situations in a better light.

One of the perks of living in London means you have access to some of the greatest universities in the world. This meant that I commuted from home. It was tough and on the one hand your experience of university is different from those who live there. However, I got to save my money and travel (more about that in another post).

And then last year was the first time I properly moved out. For the first few months I have to admit it was ‘weird’. Your used to your own habits and your family’s but now you’ve thrown yourself into a situation where you’re living with a friend and their habits, their way of life (and their love life sadly due to thin walls). Be careful when it comes to moving in with friends, it can either make or break relationships. At first, it was rocky. We were both going through things which effected us in all aspects of life. It’s definitely smoother now.

Moving out has been emotional but I guess it’s a part of my journey to becoming more awesome.


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